Adrianna Brown Presents “20"

Making her debut as an emerging choreographer, Adrianna Brown presents “20,” a collection of short works that delve into the experiences, perspectives, and stories of individuals in their 20s. The performance begins at 2:00 pm on November 11th at the Pease Auditorium, Central Piedmont Community College, and concludes with a discussion of the topics and issues Brown addresses in her work. Tickets are $2 at the door and all proceeds will be donated to a local charity. 

Brown was homeschooled throughout her primary and secondary education and advanced swiftly through the curriculum, allowing her to begin college at age fourteen. Currently a senior studying philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Brown has drawn upon the philosophies of scholars as well as her own experiences as a young college student to create and produce this concert. Her overarching philosophy is the idea that everyone has a side of the story: life is not black and white.

With that philosophy in mind, Brown has choreographed and directed twenty short pieces, each telling a story on topics such as addiction, verbal and sexual abuse, and varying relationship dynamics. The goal of the collection, for Brown, is to present her audience with a “taste” of as many different stories and perspectives as she can in the hopes that everyone will find something that they can relate to. The stories she will portray are of situations often brushed under the rug or ignored, replaced by happier topics for fear of being misunderstood. By telling these stories, Brown hopes to create a more positive conversation and the sense that you are not alone; there are others who have gone through similar, if not the same, experiences.

For more information on Brown, her process, or her performers you can check out Brown’s website at

Mikale Kwiatkowski