Dance Davidson

At Dance Davidson, small classes and discipline promote serious growth for students. Instruction is based on the premise that dedication and devotion lead to success, whether in dance or any other chosen field. In a recent interview, Director Terilynne Muehleisen Knox, shared more about Dance Davidson and its philosophy and offerings.

Children and adults need a fun but disciplined environment in which to accomplish their goals. Not every student will be a professional dancer, but many other goals, such as posture, strength, coordination, grace and artistic awareness, can be achieved through dance. Our quality instruction is tailored to all levels.

Dance Davidson emphasizes technical training. While we offer a variety of forms, among them jazz, tap, modern, and hiphop, ballet is our primary focus. Depending on the teacher, classes might be informed by Vaganova, Cecchetti, or Royal Academy of Dance training systems. Students train seriously, and the self-confidence, bodily facility, and ability to set and achieve goals this entails serves students well in many areas of life. Dance Davidson is family oriented and a second home for many of our students. We are careful to present our students in the best possible way, emphasizing technical accomplishment and giving thoughtful consideration to appropriate performance costumes. While some students go on to perform, many more go on to higher education and successful careers.

Dance Davidson sponsors ballet, jazz, and tap companies. Students perform in Winter and Spring Performances and take part in civic events, especially in the town of Davidson. Students attend University of North Carolina School for the Arts Festival of North Carolina Dance. The summer program at Dance Davidson offers guest teachers in a variety of styles.

Terilynne Knox is a former member of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Bristol Ballet, and Roanoke Ballet Theatre. She started Dance Davidson in January 1984 in order to provide dance instruction and create expression for children and adults.

Photo: by Bill Guidiz

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